Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flight Log #001

WORLD PREMIERE, Palm Springs International ShortFest

After many, many months (over a year!) of hard work and dedication, "The Mouse That Soared" saw its World Premiere at the Palm Springs ShortFest on June 27, 2009.

Team Mouse is proud to report that our inaugural screening could not have gone any better! Not only was the theater filled to capacity, but everyone laughed in all the right places at exactly the right times. Seeing so many people respond to your work is an incomparable experience.

Our film could not have been made without the unique contributions of the tireless talents of our committed crew. Thank you to everyone involved behind the scenes!

On the ground in sunny southern California, Team Mouse was represented by a group of gifted Portland filmmakers. Matt Hayes (co-writer), Steve Emerson (associate producer), David Trappe (cinematographer) Fred Gardner (production designer) and Kyle Bell (director), showed up in full force to support the piece. Team Mouse was even joined by Fred's mother and former teacher (both named Linda, for the sake of convenience) for the full family effect. Truth be told, the entire amazing experience was like something out of a movie, and fortunately, the film has just begun.

Looking ahead, we're excited for LA ShortsFest, Saturday, July 25 - 5:30...
More festival announcements soon.

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